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Car Jump Start

If you are reading this now then you've probably left your headlights or electronics in your car on for quite some time and now faced with a dead car battery. Well yes, you could jump start your car battery to give it life again. However, jump-starting a car is not as simple as just connecting the jumper cables to your car battery.

Moreover, a car breakdown service should be the first thing on your mind when it comes to such situations. While dealing with a car battery could seem highly dangerous, it may not be strong enough to electrocute you.

Nevertheless, you should always be careful when you attempt to jump-start your car battery to life on your own. Meanwhile, if you are not knowledgeable and happen to be out of options always leave the car jump start to us, the professionals.

How to Jump Start
Your Car

If you are not sure about how to jump-start a car, it is highly recommended that you avoid making any contact with any of the electrical wires or the car battery itself to ensure your safety. Additionally, having failed to follow these safety measures will not only spoil your car battery but also put your life in danger. That being said, If you are unfamiliar with the way the car battery works, it is helpful that you contact the car jump start service provider to ensure that everything is taken care of and dealt with professionally.

In the event you would like to jump-start your own vehicle, here's a short descriptive tutorial on how you can do it:

  1. Firstly, be sure that the ignition is off for both vehicles, (the fully functioning car and the one with the flat car battery) and prepare yourself a pair of jump start cables.
  2. Secondly, ensure that the vehicle with the well-functioning car battery (let's call this Car A) is equipped with a car battery that is of similar amps rating, otherwise, you would risk your car getting a short-circuit.
  3. Next, carefully connect the red Positive (+) clip on one side of the jumper cable to the Positive (+) battery terminal of the vehicle with the flat car battery (let's call this Car B), then the other end of the red Positive (+) clip to the Positive (+) battery terminal of Car A.
  4. Similarly, connect the usually black Negative (-) clip on the other jumper cable to the Negative (-) battery terminal of Car B and the other end of the black Negative (-) clip to the Negative (-) battery terminal of Car A. Don't be startled, it's perfectly fine to see alittle spark when you try to connect the negative clip to the negative battery terminal of car A.
  5. Lastly, you may now start your vehicle, give it a nice crank. As you can see, now your vehicle should be roaring back to life.

In conclusion, whether you are stuck out there with a flat car battery; or that your car is parked at your car park but wouldn't start, just know that Car Battery Singapore can help you with all your car battery problems at any time of the day, week or month. In fact, we understand your urgency and that time is money, so if you are experiencing any problems with your car battery and require any car battery service, Car Battery Singapore is just a call away.

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